Big Bang Event Leighton Park School


Thanks to the ambitions of Karen Gracie Langrick and her team at Leighton Park, an event was hosted today that saw 11 primary schools within the Reading area take part in a Big Bang.

Each school came with up to 16 children and the children were then put groups and given both a maths challenge and an opportunity to take part in 3 sessions and mix with children from other schools.

Each team had an appropriate science name from the fun names of Dr Sheldon Cooper and Gil Grissom (CSI) to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Dyson and Steve Jobs to name but a few.

The Workshops saw big and small coming together, and what a  mix from the Bloodhound – thanks to Intel to Science in a Box – Pfizer, Punk Science – STEM Sussex and Bion with SWMAS where we did the Lego game which teaches children about the need of smart layout, stock control, waste reduction and lean manufacturing.

Having 16 children in a classroom of which 2 were forklift drivers costs soon escalated and chaos ensures.  However it was good to see them thinking of where the biggest time saving could arise by simple suggestions as to putting operators in a row to eliminate the need for forklifts to be moving around.  Lean principals and kanban and elimination of waste are not such applicable to manufacturing but are skills can then be carried over into any job or indeed our private life.

Each school went back with a STEM gift donated from collections at Bion via Tata Steel and Fortis Recruitment so thank to both of these organisations for assisting in the promotion of STEM along with literature for the schools highlighting the needs for children to engage in STEM – and why manufacturing and engineering are good jobs to have.


We hope today will show all our associated industries, Cisco, Pfizer, Bion and Intel as potential fun places to work, where what you do day to day really matters.

For more information about encouraging children in STEM then please see the following links.


I believe this is just the start for Leighton Park on their journey to becoming a Centre of STEM excellence – so watch this space and further opportunities for other schools and businesses to take part will be coming in the near future.

If you are a local employer in the Berkshire area, they are holding a Big Bang careers Fayre on 4th July 2017 and looking for employers to come and take part on this day.  Contact me if you are interested