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The Process

Metal can warp when perforated due to several factors related to the perforation process and the properties of the metal itself:

The perforation process involves applying force to the metal sheet to create holes. This can induce stress and strain in the metal, especially around the edges of the perforations. If the force applied during perforation is not evenly distributed or if the metal is not adequately supported during the process, it can lead to warping or distortion of the sheet.

To reduce any distortion, the material is guided and aligned in the CNC levelling rolls. These rolls exert controlled pressure on the material as it passes through, gradually flattening and straightening it. The number and configuration of the rolls may vary dependant on the type, thickness and width of the material.

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Perfectly Flat Perforation

Levelling perforated sheets is essential for ensuring the material meets the dimensional tolerances and surface quality required for further processing or use in many applications.

Levelling will ensure the perforated sheet is uniformly flat, it will enhance the aesthetic appearance by removing distortion providing a smoother looking sheet, especially important in architectural and interior applications. It ensures that perforated metal sheets maintain their intended functionality. In applications such as filtration, screening, or ventilation, where precise hole size, shape, and distribution are critical, a level surface ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

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Metal Perforating
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Yellow Goods

Who we serve


There are hundreds of functional, economical and aesthetically satisfying uses for Bion’s perforated materials in both internal and external construction work, and we are a leading supplier of perforated materials to the architectural industry. Architectural


Bion works in partnership with leading sound-system manufacturers to produce unique customer specific designs for speaker applications. Audio


Over the years we have been proud to have been associated with such names as Nissan and Unipart (exhaust blanks), Ford (Escort speaker grilles). Automotive

Food Processing

Bion produces flat, oil and burr-free perforated baking trays that benefit our customers by removing costs encountered from de-burring or degreasing operations. Food Processing


Many Architects now choose perforated metal as they offer a safe and low maintenance solution for a façade. Perforated metal also enables you to give your building its own unique character. Balustrades


Used in many environments, from offices and showrooms to warehouses and hospitals, Bion can perforate suspended ceiling tiles which can then be backed with acoustic fabric and solve most thermo-acoustic issues in industrial and commercial applications. Ceilings


Bion’s perforated metal sheets are widely used in the electronics industry for their acoustic properties, superb ventilation and market-leading aesthetics, and our knowledge and design expertise in this area is both innovative and globally acclaimed. Enclosures


Bion supplies perforated materials for a variety of filtration applications. The perforation and open area can be specified exactly, making the perforated sheet ideal for filtering, separating or sorting. Filtration


Bion is a leading supplier of perforated materials to the lighting sector. We allow our clients to choose from any number of innovative perforated metal designs that will run with increased efficiency and light diffusion. Lighting


As a leading product supplier since the early 1990s, Bion has been delivering high volumes of low-cost precision-levelled microwave door blanks, both anodised and notched, to clients within a matter of days responding to build demand fluctuations. Microwaves

Stock Sheets

We are able to provide our clients with high-quality perforated stainless steel sheet, mild steel perforated sheet, perforated aluminium, galvanised steel sheet and a host of perforated plastic products on a next-day delivery nationwide. Stock Sheets

Yellow Goods

Yellow goods refers to construction and earth moving equipment, quarrying equipment, and fork lift trucks. The term is also used to encompass agricultural equipment, such as tractors. Yellow Goods
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