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Datasheet of Patterns - Bion

At Bion, we are equipped to perforate a wide range of patterns in a variety of materials including stainless steels, mild and galvanised steels, aluminium, brass and plastic – as well as pre-coated materials.

To view our full range of patterns, please download via the link below:

Procurement Teams
RBH6079 RBH6079
RB8068 RB8068
RB6443 RB6443
RBS6062 RBS6062
RBS6052 RBS6052
RB4850 RB4850
RBR2434 RBR2434
RB3051 RB3051
RB3033 RB3033
RB2047 RB2047
RB1745 RB1745
RBS4735 RBS4735