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Bion | Perforate Copper, Brass, Zinc & Titanium Sheets

As a specialist, bespoke perforator, we have perforated a huge variety of materials and will continue to perforate, test or trial any new materials that are requested of us.

Not all of these materials are common and below are some examples of the more specialist, exotic materials we currently perforate.

Perforated Exotic materials


Perforated copper and brass can often be found in the architectural industry where decorative finishes and adornments are required. However, it is more common that brass is used due to its resemblance to gold. Brass is primarily an alloy of copper and varying amounts of zinc. The addition of zinc affects the strength, ductility and colour of the brass alloy.

Both materials are highly ductile but can provide good strength, corrosion resistance, formability and weldability. Following any processing, these materials can be easily polished to many different levels of finish.

Perforated titanium is a rare material often used in heat shields and high end filtration units. Available in numerous grades (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), the most common grades are grade 2 and Grade 5. Titanium has good strength, ductility, formability and excellent weldability. As well as being lightweight, it also provides high corrosion resistance and is often preferred over stainless steel where high strength to weight ratios are important. Furthermore, titanium is resistant to fatigue and shattering caused by fluctuation in temperatures whereas stainless steel generally isn’t.

Grade 2 titanium is commercially pure while grade 5 titanium is alloyed and known as an alpha-beta alloy. Grade 2 titanium is preferred where weldability is important due to its excellent welding properties. Grade 5 titanium, however, offers a much higher strength while maintaining the same stiffness and thermal properties grade 2 titanium offers. Whatever the grade, titanium is generally found in the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas industries.

Superalloys are a group of nickel-based alloys primarily found in the aerospace industry. Offering excellent heat resistant properties, these alloys maintain their excellent stiffness, strength, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, making them highly sought after for gas turbines. We primarily produce perforated Hastelloy® and perforated Incoloy® but there are numerous other superalloys around as well as a variety of different Hastelloy®/Incoloy® grades available as well.