Supplier of perforated metal for filters, filtration applications


Bion supplies perforated materials for a variety of filtration applications. The perforation and open area can be specified exactly, making the perforated sheet ideal for filtering, separating or sorting. The open area can be varied in numerous ways to affect the flow rate. Filter elements made from perforated metal are of major benefit to the user.

Bion’s tooling enables us to offer systems to help increase flow rates where necessary but to reduce pressure, vibration and structural properties. Our tooling quality means that many products that once used to be de-burred prior to forming by the customer are now longer subject to this operation. Saving our Customer internal processing costs.

We can offer consignment stock agreements for regular running repeat products.

We can perforate up to 3mm stainless steel as well as other material types and gauges.  We offer in house degreasing where an oil free product is required.

Typical patterns for filter products are RB3033 (R3 T5) RB3241 (R3.2 T4.76) and RB3051 (R3 T4) but many customers require customised tooling which Bion can provide.


To view our full range of perforated patterns, please download our Datasheet

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