Supplier of perforated suspended ceiling panels, ceiling tiles


Used in many environments, from offices and showrooms to warehouses and hospitals, Bion can perforate suspended ceiling tiles which can then be backed with acoustic fabric and solve most thermo-acoustic issues in industrial and commercial applications.

Bion has a range of perforating patterns to provide design solutions that will both improve sound absorption and enhance the visual appearance of the ceiling. However, if you cannot find the exact pattern you are looking for we can manufacture tooling to meet your specific requirements.

Our in-house tooling facility enables us to provide bespoke high quality solutions in short lead times. Bion supplies only the finest perforated ceiling tiles in a flat sheet or a fully formed product, because delivering a uniformly flat product is the most important technical aspect for our clients.

The widest range of perforations available

At Bion, we’ve invested in the best CNC levelling facilities in the UK. We also boast the widest range of perforations available so we can always match new and replacement ceiling tiles with existing patterns.

For more information about our bespoke perforated ceiling tiles, please call
+44 (0) 118 959 2700 or email websales@bion.co.uk