About Us

50 Years of Precision Perforating

Since Robert Bion and Co.’s founding in 1964, the company’s core vision has remained the same, although the market it serves has endured major changes: supply the right products to the right people at the right time.

Bion is committed to developing its skills, has an expert knowledge base, and continues to function as the UK’s leading bespoke perforator.


Perforating metal and plastic is a unique skill that requires specialist machinery and expert knowledge. Bion values its skilled and knowledgeable staff extremely highly because they are the future of the business, and the company boasts excellent staff retention as a result.

To keep ourselves ahead of the competition in the perforating industry, we respond to shorter lead times because we are confident of delivering results backed by technical expertise. New clients repeatedly contact us because we deliver quick and professional perforating solutions to their supply chain problems.