Yellow Goods

Yellow goods refers to construction and earth moving equipment, quarrying equipment, and fork lift trucks. The term is also used to encompass agricultural equipment, such as tractors. The use of perforated material within Yellow Goods is widespread and generally has three main functions, that is to allow maximum air flow, reduce weight and to guard.

Air flow can be the need to cool engines where vehicles are often used in aggressive hot conditions, but also the opposite being used as a targeted heat supply. To be effective the perforated screen needs to have a very high open area allowing maximum air flow.


A perforated component will also offer a weight reduction without compromising the stability of the component or its function as a guard. The guards are usually surrounding the engine compartments with the aim of stopping foreign bodies entering. With this in mind a small hole is critical in preventing engine damage and longevity of the machine.

Small holes, high open area is the successful recipe for products used in the Yellow goods market