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Tales of a YINI Student

As of 2nd September, Robert Bion & Co Ltd agreed to employ me for my work placement in between finishing my A-Levels and the first year of a degree in Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

YINI is run by the EDT with the aim of encouraging more young people into Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths. The range of work related learning schemes provide opportunities for 11-21 year olds to enhance their technical, personal and employability skills through industry-led projects, industrial placements and specialised courses.

The Year in industry specifically specialises in 10-12 month work placements for all aspects for Engineering, Science, ICT, Business and much more. It helps companies connect with talented and motivated young people who bring fresh ideas to your business.

The object of this, asides from earning myself enough money to see myself through University without (too much) issue, was to gain a deeper understanding of how an actual business works before embarking on my post degree career.

It is certainly a necessity for any engineer to have an appreciation and respect for what work is like on the shop floor or in a sales department. First-hand experience in this way as a change after nothing more than school life and study seemed appropriate before I begin the next stage of my education. It was also thought that I needed some time to ‘mature’ (words of my parents.)

Thus far, I have been given three projects to work on with the graduate engineer also working at Bion, with a timeframe of end of year. One of these includes a pricing graph for tools and an attempt to reduce the time taken to give job time estimates. The other projects are more challenging and details of these will follow in my next blog.

This kind of exposure and level of responsibility within the world of work is exactly what I hoped to gain.

I am about to enter month 4 of a 9 month placement. I commenced my work experience with a 6 week stint on shift work with in the production environment where I learnt quite quickly that perforating metals in a variety of material types, and gauges is not without its technical challenges.

Currently I am in the toolroom, Bion manufacture tooling so the experience I am gaining will be most beneficial to me in the future world of Engineering.

Yesterday I attended the EEF Regional Awards in the South east which as well as celebrating success within the region was particularly relevant to me in recognising First and Final Year Apprentice’s. I also learnt about the size of the manufacturing economy within the UK and more specifically the wealth creation and company size within the south east. Something I had not previously been aware of.

Post-Christmas I am moving into sales within a cost estimating role so again I will get to see another side of manufacturing. So far so good, but watch this space for more news from your YINI blogger.

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