World Perforating Conference 4 – 7th June, Held In Spain

Delegates from Bion were pleased to attend the above earlier this month. Held in conjunction with Europerf and the IPA this is a chance for those with a passion for perforating to share knowledge and exchange best practice. The agenda included a presentation from Alan Bealiueu on Fiscal Reality which was actually very interesting. This was followed by presentations from Bruck and Schnutz – major players within the perforating market.

A lot of work has gone on pre this event by the IPA and Europerf to market the event to get more perforating companies and those that supply into perforating organisations involved, and we are confident that when the next event is held in 3 years’ time (in the USA) that the agenda will have expanded some more. Thanks we are sure to the work of Keith Zinn and Fred Graepel.

Of course on the downside we had to be in Spain, in Barcelona, in June, and eat tapas and drink wine – but as those who work in perforating know – it is a tough job but someone has to do it!