Works Management Manufacturing Summit

Nick Bion, Managing Director, recently went to the Works Management Manufacturing Summit

The key part of the summit for Bion was the presentations done by fellow manufacturers. It is good to celebrate true success.

One injection moulding manufacturer had turned the business around by concentrating on their skills and knowledge – rather than trying to be all things to all men they focused on what they were truly good at, injection moulding, and in so doing increased turnover and profits. At Bion we have a huge amount of knowledge on how to process our products, in total an accumulation of 50 years in 2014 – backed up with long service of our employees – our frustration is how do we get the Government to understand that industries such as ours are knowledge based sectors and not just metal bashing.

Lord Younger – Minister for Business Innovation and Skills also spoke at the conference but as is so often the case, was unable to stay to take questions.

Chris White, Chairman of the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group did take questions. One question asked by Bion was “what did he think would need to change in order to make the best A level students in Science want to take up a career in manufacturing, rather than become a publically funded GP?” We did not expect an answer, so when he was not forthcoming we were not disappointed.

Those of you reading this blog probably share in our frustrations. Government and those in public office need to champion a change in the mind-set of schools, colleges and universities for manufacturing to truly excel in this country. They have been murmurs about re-balancing the economy through investments and manufacturing, but for success someone needs to walk the talk.