Student Work Experience

Last week Bion took two students from BCOT for work experience.  Perforating metal and plastic is a highly specialised industry and it would be unlikely for these students to have experienced this type of manufacturing in other companies within our area. 

Although other fabricators might have given them experience of punching metal and punch presses, perforating metal via the process we use at Bion is both capital intensive and technically challenging.  They learnt about perforating metal, perforating plastic, how material changes during the perforating process and the range of market sectors we supply into.

See below a comment from one of our two students who had this work experience

“Hi Jane,

Thankyou for the work experience and the gift at the end, Was very thoughtfull of you. It was incredibly good fun and was good to see the workings of BIon first hand, The guys were all freindly and interactive and the work you do is rather interesting.

Thankyou for the opportunity!”