Reducing our Carbon Footprint by 30{2aa0fe3601d6015f4a0805c251f9c1dcdc84be29d7f8ec6f028bda22803c5869}

During 2016 the Company took a long hard look at how we could make the factory a more comfortable environment during the coming winter months, as well as reduce our heating bill and as a result reduce our footprint.

We took over the current premises in 2004 and although we had the heating regularly serviced the units were outdated and heavy on gas consumption.  As a result in the very cold snaps despite the heating being turned on the temperature was often commented on, especially Monday mornings.

We also had an area in our goods in and out where despite installing a fast moving door between us and the yard it could suck out the warmth quicker than Christopher Lee as Dracula in a 1970s Hammer Movie.

First off we installed a fast acting shutter door between goods out and the main factory, we then removed the temporary plastic sheeting used to divide the goods out and main perforating area and erected a wall.  We now have a completely segregated goods in and out area, meaning if the shutter door into the yard is open, the cold air remains in this area only and does not blow through the building as a whole.

Putting in the heating took 4 weeks of work from the installation team.  It was business as usual at Bion with everyone looking upwards and looking forwards to the new heating

During the autumns we then installed the new heating and work was completed November 2016.

Despite less gas we are getting a much better result and our shop floor team have a much warmer environment – indeed a new uniform may be forthcoming


As a result of more efficient heating our gas usage has decreased by 30{2aa0fe3601d6015f4a0805c251f9c1dcdc84be29d7f8ec6f028bda22803c5869}, and we have a warm factory.