Price Cooper Waterhouse London – Perforated Metal Looking Good!

Bion were chosen as the supplier of perforated metal panels for this building after the Client realised their existing supplier would be unable to supply the size of perforated panel required or deliver within the timescales needed.

TP PWC Visit-2 015

For such a complex project using perforated metal in many areas within the building Bion’s expertise and flexible approach were needed to support the client in meeting their construction timescales.

What made this project different to many others was the size of perforated panel. This together with the variations of sizes required as well as the delivery schedule was the challenge. At Bion we have in place the equipment, knowledge and skills and were able to deliver, on time, to the desired quality level.

With much of our perforated metal about to be showcased in Heathrow Terminal 2 the PCW building was another exciting notch to our perforating belt.

For information the PCW building is the highest BREEAM rated building ever (BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, with 250,000 buildings certified.) Bion were proud to have been able to provide their support and to be associated with this prestigious building.