Perforated Mild Steel Server Racks

Project: 1.2mm perforated mild steel doors used in the cabinet build for server racks

As can be the case in the exciting world of manufacturing some aspects of engineering are unpredictable.  Whether it is man, material or machine the art of keeping the end user happy is to try to minimise risks in all these areas, whilst being aware of the constant drive to adopt lean processes.

Our Client is a large end user of perforated mild steel 1.2 and 1.5 high open area door blanks (up to 30 different variations)  which they dual source between us and another supplier.

The Challenge

Our client approached us on Wednesday 13th February 2013 when the other supplier to them of this type of product was unable to meet the quick turnaround required on the manufacture of 1.2mm perforated mild steel doors used in the cabinet build for server racks.  They were looking for part shipment to them by Friday 15th February 2013 lunch time.

The material was not a width, gauge or type that we kept in stock in this quantity.

The Solution

We obtained drawings, sourced material and quoted the job within 2 hours of receipt of original enquiry.  We tentatively lined up transport to collect product first thing Friday morning.

By being able to re-act quickly to customer needs and with our experience in the perforated enclosure market we make sure we do not commit to something that we know we cannot achieve.

Perforated mild steel server racks require tight tolerances on flatness and squareness so it is not the easiest of manufacturing routes, however keeping our promises, we believe is one of our core business values.

Flexible manufacturing processes and in house expertise meant we were able to respond quickly whilst continuing to meet our other delivery promises.

enclosure case study feb 13

The Benefits

First batch was shipped to customer on 15th February (less than 48 hours from enquiry)
This enabled our Client to powder coat the product as they had originally planned to do over the weekend.  Our Client was able to switch supply with minimal disruption to them, knowing that we would do the necessary checks to guarantee parts were in specification.

After placing the order with ourselves on the 13th the Client was informed as to the progress which mitigated any need for them to make constant phone calls.  This, together with knowledge of Bion (we do not say we can do something we can’t), meant that they could relax knowing that they would get their product when they wanted it.

Had we not been able to provide the support required to ensure a quick turnaround our Client would have in turn let down their customer. They would have had additional costs in managing the resources to mitigate the damage; they would have incurred downtime on their lines and the associated costs incurred with this, as well as additional costs when product finally arrived (overtime and premium transport charges). Finally they would have had a dis-satisfied customer.

There was no increase in costs to our Client from switching this job to us.

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