Metal Perforating

We are metal perforating specialists that can perforate a variety of holes into a wide range of materials. The possibilities are unlimited: Round holes, square holes, hexagons, slots. Hole sizes vary as do the gauge of material and type of material we can perforate.

Metal Perforating
Perforated materials are a reliable method to cover, enclose, divide, decorate or ventilate space. There are many practical applications in modern society.
The structural strength of perforated metal is one of its key attributes. It can be used as a stand-alone component in several architectural designs such as sun screens and panels/facades. The “open area” is the sheet of perforated metal which has its own strength and physical properties.

Implemented to secure an area, perforated metal walls and doors can ensure safety in an aesthetically pleasing way. Offices which use perforated partitions and enclosures can ensure privacy for employees, yet still allow the welcome flow of light and air. Variations of perforated material can be found in art pieces, signs, building accents and decor.

Ventilation/Filtration/EMC Shielding
In addition to sound filtering perforated metal can be used for ventilation and filtration as the openings in each permit passage of light, air, heat and gasses. In harsh environments the estimated energy loss of pressure loss is often an important design consideration. If pressure control is important in your application, perforated metal provides the greatest ability to control or equalise pressure due to its high strength to weight ratio.

Filtrations for air, gas, and liquids. EMC Shielding, Bion are one of the main suppliers of enclosure doors within the data rack industry. Bion also have experience of supplying perforated metals into the nuclear element market as well as air and gas filtration and oil exploration filtration

Special Conditions
Perforated material not only camouflages, it becomes part of the architectural design and increases the visual interest. Perforated materials stimulates minds with basic engineering principles such as aerodynamics, temperature control and the varied uses of perforated material. Other examples of Special Conditions – Uses of Perforated Materials are; Sanitary, Corrosive, Abrasive, High temperature, Low temperature, Light weight, and Low cost.

Bion can produce perforated materials for ceilings, walls, floors, conduits, stairways, speaker grills, dividers and acoustical surfaces. Innovative interior design and architectural firms are meeting clients’ needs with spectacular uses of perforated materials.

Product Components
The practical, everyday uses of perforated materials are evident in a variety of products the consumer comes across daily.

Perforated material is apparent in such things as dryers, as well as kitchen equipment, appliances, speakers, furniture and light fixtures. Other products which feature the extraordinary use of perforated material include automotive speakers, aircraft, watercraft, electrical components, shelving, agricultural equipment, petro-chemical processing, mining, pollution controls, food processing equipment