Joseph Sherwood – One for the Future

josephJoseph Sherwood
Pre university of Cambridge
Robert Bion & Co Ltd
Design an algorithm for the costing department


Joseph was asked to design an algorithm to allow someone in the costing department to draw up a budget price from the customer drawing. Currently, this is done by skilled programmers, who have to leave their other duties to draw up Radan software. This is a wasted resource as not every quote turns in to an order. The new design will enable the Company to quote quicker, with fewer resources.

He began by inspecting the punch press manuals and spoke to existing programmers about how to the model he was developing may work. He researched date of previous job times to test the calculation he was developing.

Joseph took measurements from parts of the machine and compared the time it actually took versus (a) his new programme, (b) Radan programme time and (c) manual anticipated programme time. He also did audacity testing, analysing the sound from the machine to match it up for closer analysis and more accuracy in the programme.

He presented the program to the management team, and produced an instruction book.


Joseph has ensured a quicker and more accurate quotation, which negates the need to take skilled programmers off the shop floor. It will allow the sales team who are note as technical as a skilled programmer technically to quote quicker for the customer. Quoting quicker, we hope will ensure improvement in the win versus loss ratio.

It will be possible with the simplified programme to estimate a punching time in under 10 minutes. The average time on Radan was often in excess of 30 minutes.