Hexagon Holes

Our hexagonal hole provides an open area of up to 85%. Our ability to perforate to tight tolerances with this high open area is achieved thanks to the technical expertise of our tooling design as well as state of the art levelling facilities and a team of individuals with a passion for perforating.
Server Cabinets

To ensure that the IT experts and their servers keep their cool at all times, particular importance is attached to state-of-the-art cooling systems for the IT infrastructure.

A sheet with a hexagonal perforation provides a very large open area giving optimal ventilation, as well as being pleasing on the eye.


A small hole is desirable because it is able to deflect a lot of small objects that might otherwise get into the engine compartment, and a high open area that allows for maximum engine cooling useful in hot countries.

The consistency of the web, means that when formed there are no weaker or stronger pieces of material


Speaker grilles such as found at rock concerts favour the uniqueness of the design of the hexagonal hole, as well as achieving the quality of sound required.