Entrepreneurial, Energising Fun (aka eef)

11th March 2015, an interesting day at the flagship training centre developed by eef to showcase their Technology and Training Centre based in Birmingham for the National Apprentice Programme.

eef energising 2015

Having visited local colleges and their facilities for engineering the investment that eef have made is clear to see.

Their aim is to offer a complete apprentice solution which is not just exclusive to their members but open to all. This can really help solve the problems that companies such as ourselves have in finding not just good quality candidates but a good provider. The aim of eef is to offer a one stop shop (they really do it all).

By sending the apprentices to Birmingham we heard how one organisation with 19 factories now achieves a standardised programme of training by using the one provider.  The 2 apprentices although in the same company work in very different geographical areas but come together during their residential period to share and learn together. The company has peace of mind knowing that both employees are learning best practice and spending their time with like-minded individuals.

Finally of course I was happy to spot the use of some perforated metal in their training rooms.

eef energising 2015 2

Indeed not just in the light fitting but fabrications in the stairwell, and even more perforated metal at Reading Train Station (perforated metal fine hole perforations in the Waiting Room Platform 3).  I am thinking of a variation on a theme of Where’s Wally to being the Perforated Metal Spotter (but then realised this was PMS and probably not the best acronym)

Watch out for more tales from the PMS!