EFX1F1 Portable computer in aisle of server storage cabinets

Bion’s perforated metal sheets are widely used in the electronics industry for their acoustic properties, superb ventilation and market-leading aesthetics, and our knowledge and design expertise in this area is both innovative and globally acclaimed. Examples of these applications include server cabinet housing, shelving, and telecommunications components.

Superior perforated products

This ever-changing market demands technically challenging products. A high open area is required especially in data centres where ventilation is key. The higher the open area the more the greater the need to keep it flat and ensure that the webbing between the perforated areas remains rigid.  This is a very technically challenging aspect of perforating and Bion can design tooling and have the capability in the programming of their equipment together with state of the art levelling to ensure that the quality parameters are maintained.

Bion leads the market in the production of these technically superior perforated products. We allow for un-perforated borders, door-locks and surrounds, and are equipped to carry out secondary operations like notching.

We’ve invested in the best CNC levelling facilities in the UK so the end product reaches the client with the highest degree of flatness and finish.

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