EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2013

clare and jane eef 14 rAs a Regional and National Judge I was delighted to be asked to attend the Award ceremony held on January 30th 2014. Despite this being my birthday I refused countless other invitations to be wined and dined and instead made my way to the thoroughly amazing Connaught Rooms in London.

As per last year the venue is packed with those who share the same passion that we do at Bion – manufacturing, along with the same values and ethics, that is – what we do matters, who you are matters and how you do it matters.

It was therefore easy for me to choose attending this over anything else that husband might have had on offer. From the young apprentice’s and their amazing confidence and enthusiasm through to the Outstanding Industrialist Award – deservedly won by Dr Ralf Speth CEO of JLR, it was a privilege to share in their experiences and learn from them.

From the apprentice perspective Bion work with the EDT in taking on YINI students.Listening in September at the regional presentations it was inspiring to see what these pre University students have achieved in the work place, and the maturity they demonstrated in the challenges set.

On a regional level it was pleasing to see the number of companies in the south east and south west who won at this event, including the Winner of Winners – Chas A Blatchford being based just down the road from us in Basingstoke.

All too often day to day we forget that we are surrounded by others who share our common goal, attending the event on the 30th January 2014 helped to remind me of this.

Thanks to the team at EEF who once again seemingly with ease made these events from regional to national judging and award ceremonies truly a joy to be involved with.

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