Case Studies In Balustrading

Brilliant Balconies

Wilcox 2

Part of the major revamp of the Abbey area in Camden, involved the redevelopment of a number of blocks of flats. These flats were to have decorative balconies, so, taking inspiration from nature and the history of the area, the Architect involved has created a bespoke perforation pattern designed to replicate leaves giving the individual balconies each a unique and natural look. This design was passed on to a contracting team who in turn got in touch with us to look into the development of such an intricate and complex pattern. Being a bespoke perforators and priding ourselves in our problem solving and quality, we were keen to take on the job and as such are currently working on over 30 unique designs spanning more than 280 panels.

wilcox for case history

Once finished these balustrades were formed and powder coated Pearl Beige, and installed over numerous high rise balconies in the Abbey area.

One of the issues that architectural jobs commonly face is the quality. Having, a vast amount of experience working with high quality and architectural products means we know how to prevent scratching or other surface marking that may affect the look of job. Once these panels reached the subcontractor they did not require any surface work to make them suitable for post processing, eliminating further costs down the line. We believe a highly successful project.