Bion welcome Charlie and Ryan

Bion welcome Charlie and Ryan from Basingstoke College doing work experience for the half term as part of their engineering course This is good experience for them and helps them understand more about the practicalities of manufacturing.  In particular they will learn how the material changes due to the perforating process and the variables in this process caused by the material type, gauge and of course the hole pattern and border requirements.

They will also get to understand how at Bion with our superior levelling equipment we are able to offer our customer a flat sheet often within very tight tolerances.  They will also witness how we can recoil large coils and offer interrupted perforation patterns within these coils specifically in the architectural markets.

As Bion are bespoke perforators manufacturing to customers own designs they are going to be able to understand what a diverse yet challenging marketplace we supply into.

As well as this it will hopefully give them a sense of understanding that British manufacturing is still alive and well.