Bion on Film – The Directors Cut

Bion are pleased to announce the latest version of their film showing off their equipment and facilities. The film is a shorter version from that previously shot in 2010 for the Business Telegraph Club and it is focusing on our ability to perforate up to 1500mm wide coils, supply where required, a superior flat product and our innovative approach to tooling which means we can supply a high open area. However the film only shows a snapshot of what we can do. Please look around the website and you will see the various market sectors we are in. We offer perforating in coil to coil, perforating in coil to sheet, and perforating in sheet to sheet. Mild steel, zintec and galvanised materials being the most common, however we do a lot of perforating in Ali and stainless steel.

The film also demonstrates how after perforating we have the ability to notch and form in house. On top of this we can perforate a variety of materials from mild steel through to various types of stainless steel. Indeed we believe we push the boundaries when it comes to the hole size we can offer in relation to the gauge of the material.

View the film here

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