Abseil for Parkinson’s

In May this year some of the employees at Bion are taking part in a charity abseil to raise funds for Parkinsons.

We would like to thank Tata Steel for their support in terms of raising money pre this event for this charity event.

Well done Tata – to see how they are supporting Bion here is a summary of what they have done to date, even braving the horrendous weekend weather

In January they started by donating left over Christmas chocolate and had a tuck shop with an honest box for donation.

Paul Floyd in the technical department at Tata arranged for a group of 22 people, some from work, some friends etc to take part this Saturday on a walk around a local nature reserve, Wrens Nest. Out of work Paul runs tours around Wrens Nest, he is full of interesting facts and figures.

They usually take donations, and decided to use Saturdays monies towards the abseil. So a big thank you to him!

Key Points of our trip:

  • The remains of the Lime Kiln
  • Our guide and organiser Paul Flyod
  • The time tunnel gets its name from the TV programme from the 60’s who filmed here.
  • Fossil hunting! We found shells and coral from the days when the West Midlands was underwater in the tropics!

A bit about Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve… Over 400 million years ago, the area where Dudley now stands was covered by coral reefs and tropical seas providing an environment for the famous fossils we find there today. Over 700 types of fossil are known to have come from Wren’s Nest. 186 of which were first discovered and described here and 86 are found nowhere else on Earth. Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve is a classic geological site of exceptional importance.