Make it Britain: Manufacturing a renaissance.

Nick Bion and Jim Bass attended the EEF 2015 conference on February 26th. Pictured here with Steph McGovern, broadcaster, previous National Apprentice of the Year winner and compere for the day having attended presentations and panel discussions covering a variety of manufacturing and political strategies to ensure the UK manufacturing sector builds on a positive […]

Student Work Experience

Last week Bion took two students from BCOT for work experience.  Perforating metal and plastic is a highly specialised industry and it would be unlikely for these students to have experienced this type of manufacturing in other companies within our area.  Although other fabricators might have given them experience of punching metal and punch presses, […]

Bion welcome Charlie and Ryan

Bion welcome Charlie and Ryan from Basingstoke College doing work experience for the half term as part of their engineering course This is good experience for them and helps them understand more about the practicalities of manufacturing.  In particular they will learn how the material changes due to the perforating process and the variables in […]

Bion welcome to the team David Olivero

David is doing a Master’s level degree in mechanical engineering degree at Enise in France and using the period from now until July as part of the requirements of his degree course. David will be employed as a Project Engineer looking at some of the many challenges that arise from perforating metal. In order for […]