Bespoke Perforation – when buying a bespoke product can save you money

Save extra operations Manufacturing bespoke perforated components sounds like an expensive option but the opposite can actually be the case. For example, if a perforated in-fill panel requires a solid margin this can be achieved by using a bespoke perforated sheet rather than fabricating edge strips to go around a standard stock sheet. Obviously each […]

Automotive Case Study

With more than 50 manufacturing sites, spanning several continents, Bion’s client is a global leader in the supply of high quality interior products, electronics and exhaust systems to the automotive market. For many years Bion supplied a multitude of components, varying material types and thicknesses on a JIT basis, building an unrivalled reputation for the […]

Perforated Mild Steel Server Racks

Project: 1.2mm perforated mild steel doors used in the cabinet build for server racks As can be the case in the exciting world of manufacturing some aspects of engineering are unpredictable.  Whether it is man, material or machine the art of keeping the end user happy is to try to minimise risks in all these […]

Perforated 4mm Aluminium Façade exported to China

Project: Supply 4mm thick bespoke perforated aluminium sheets for building facades As is often the case when working in an environment which is customer driven lead times can be both critical and subject to change.From quotation (which could have been many months earlier) a project can be put on hold or delayed due to external […]

Robert Bion & Co donate to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

In November 2012 after a very short illness Robert Bion & Co Ltd were saddened with the death of a much loved and respected colleague. Michael Caracciolo joined the Company 31 years ago in July as an Apprentice Trained Toolmaker. Needless to say the suddenness of the disease that took him left Bion shocked and […]

Bion’s Perforating Climbs to New Heights

The climbing wall for the brand new Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre on the Exeter Canal Basin was lowered into position at the turn of the year. The climbing wall manufactured by Taunton Fabrications with perforated panels supplied by Bion was installed on site in just 2 days. The Stainless Steel perforated panels are all […]